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Muslim Old Aged Home

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The Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care andAttention Home Can Extend Your Love To Them

We love our grandparents, our elderly, our old folks, there is no doubt about that. But there comes a time in our lives when we are faced with a decision that calls for a practical solution.

The reasons may vary from people to people but what matters in the end is to whom we can entrust our beloved elderly.

The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong has established the Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home so that you can extend your love to your grandparents or old folks through our services and facilities.


Our old age home cares for the elderly like family and watching over them is but natural and selfless.

Don’t let housing or financial burdens trouble you. The Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home will provide a place of comfort for your loved ones and provide them with utmost care so they can carry on and still enjoy life.

Our Home will provide an ambience that will ward off depression and give them a feeling of purpose and belongingness as we immerse them in wholesome and worthwhile activities that foster a sense of community among their peers.

From comfortable accommodation to nutritious meals, the Home covers all areas of concern to make your elders feel at truly at home.

Inquire now at Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home and learn how you can extend we can extend your love to them.

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